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Healthy Gifts Healthy Gifts
Lifestyle1 week ago

Five Healthy Gifting Ideas for our loved ones

Prioritising health and wellness are the mantras. So, what better than to extend healthy gifting to our near and dear...

Deadly Virus Deadly Virus
Lifestyle1 month ago

New Variant: 7 new interesting things to know Omicron

It is time that we took a serious look at the implications of what it means and that the pandemic...

two girls doing pussups two girls doing pussups
Lifestyle7 months ago

The ultimate kit for the body

Keeping fit during the present pandemic and increase immunity to fight the looming third wave is the best way to...

Monsoon Drinks Monsoon Drinks
Lifestyle7 months ago

Monsoon drinks to boost immunity in the time of covid-19 crisis

With the third wave of the COVID-19 hanging like a Damocles Sword, it is time to start building our immunity.

Vaccination Vaccination
Opinion7 months ago

India’s vaccine conundrum

A newspaper headline screams how people of a village are against vaccination because of fear of death; this puts spikes...

COVID Third Wave COVID Third Wave
Opinion7 months ago

Covid-19: Third wave to hit India in 6 to 8 weeks?

Since the time the first case of the COVID-19 virus  hit the news, there has been no let-up in the...

covid 19 sillycorners covid 19 sillycorners
Opinion7 months ago

Do you know! How COVID-19 pandemic become a part of our lives?

This last one-and-a-half-year has taken a toll on people. From constantly being under lockdown due to COVID waves, the common...

Cricket Cricket
Cricket8 months ago

Is BCCI acting as a step mother for Indian Women’s Cricket Team?

BCCI is a “Not-for-profit” Cricket governing body of India. Is this organization doing justice with its title? Is it fulfilling...