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14 ways to please your woman

Women find it difficult to orgasm with penetration alone. Here’s what a partner can do to make her quiver with gratification.



how to pleasure women
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Most men feel that pleasing a woman in bed is tough and tricky. This is because many women find it difficult to orgasm with penetration alone. Here’s what a partner can do to make her quiver with gratification.

There is a reason why many women feel that their partner is unable to satisfy them in bed. More than 40% of women cannot achieve an orgasm with just penetration. It is true that making a woman orgasm can be a bit challenging. A fact: The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings. Touching, licking, and rubbing can either turn her on fast or freak her out. You need to learn to combine those skills to make her orgasm!

Most men think that they know how to pleasure a woman. This is not true. A man needs to understand a woman’s desire and needs to give her gratification. There are rules to follow. A good lover is one who is able to give an orgasm to a woman but only great lovers can give multiple orgasms.

Create the environment

No woman likes rushed into sex. They want it to start and go slow till it becomes hot. Prepare the bed and the room, change the sheets and put on the room freshener. Please note: Take a shower and shave and dress up. A deed equals a thousand words but in bed. Tell her how attractive she is; that her body makes you go crazy and talk to her while putting your arms around her. Remember almost all the women appreciate longer foreplay.

Sexual pleasure is important for both partners to strengthen the bond and relationship. For many, foreplay is as essential as the act of sex for experiencing pleasure. You should know foreplay techniques to please a woman. If done the right way you will leave your woman craving for you more and give her immense sexual pleasure.

There are different ways and foreplay techniques. The body has many nerve endings on different parts like the lips, clitoris, nipples and soles of the feet. They are called erogenous zones. It is important to know the zones that stimulate your woman the most. Here are a few foreplay techniques.


For many, it is the first step of foreplay. Some are satisfied with light kisses, while some prefer deeper ones. Kissing is an intimate act. Kissing or oral stimulation at the clitoris can be a pleasurable experience since it is a sensitive area.


This can be a sensual foreplay technique. Massaging sensitive parts with or without lubrication will heighten sexual senses. Use it to please a woman.


Bathe together. Give your woman a back scrub or get into a bathtub together and clean her.

Undress slowly

Start with slowly taking off her clothes and exploring her body with your hands and lips.


Find out what your woman enjoys and responds to. Notice her breathing pattern which can help you recognise what arouses her the most.


Most men don’t understand the power of gentle stroking. Being gentle in your touch and stroking a woman’s fingers, toes or breasts or other parts of her body can arouse her.


It is important to connect with your partner and know of her fantasies. You can enact her fantasy and take her to a high level of arousal.

Make it perfect

This means masturbating and spending some time on your own. Many times, men find it difficult to hold on during lovemaking because they are too horny. Masturbating can help in familiarising yourself with your own climax. Think about your woman and try to hold your ejaculation until the time you know she is about to orgasm. If you feel that you are about to reach climax even if it is not yet time, reduce the stimulation by thinking about something else.

Consult a doctor

If the situation is really out of hand and everything you do seems not to help in lasting longer in bed, you can always seek help from a doctor. He may give medication that can help with your problem. Most men don’t want to think that they are the problem. Remember, there is no harm in consulting a doctor and seeking help when it comes to pleasuring your woman.

Exercise and workout

It can help you feel better. Your blood circulation will improve. It will help increase your stamina and endurance. There are also exercises that will specifically improve your nether region like Kegels since they work on your pelvic muscles; by contracting and relaxing the muscles surrounding the pelvis, PC will develop strength from which you could attain harder erections and controlled ejaculations.


There is no problem in a relationship that cannot be resolved by communication. Let your partner know what you feel and think about. At the same time, understand what she needs. Listen when she is speaking. With proper communication, you can work on issues together and understand one another better.

Avoid getting overly excited

When you are too stimulated or aroused, it is most likely that you will ejaculate too soon. In order to help you last longer, consider indulging in calm, slow and more romantic intercourse. Aggressive sex is fast and quick; thus, making you finish fast too. With slower sex, you are able to enjoy each passing second together with your woman.

Take right position

Usually, the person on top is the one who has control over the experience. In avoiding untimely ejaculation, the key is to control it and you can do this by being on top of her. You could either slow down or completely stop moving once you feel that you are about to come. Holding back this way lets you take control of your excitement.

Remember, a woman’s responses vary a lot. Some respond warmly; some do not or even show very little interest while sensually stimulated. If you want to know your woman’s sexual response, you have to work hard in the beginning and pay attention to her responses to your touch. Most of the women can easily be aroused and cooperate fully in bed provided they are approached wisely by their male partner.

A woman’s response to your stimulation can be noticed when she starts having a warm feeling all over her body. You can easily know your woman’s sexual response to your stimulation. Her pupils will dilate and the pulse rate goes up. This will tell you that your woman is ready to go further.

To know your woman’s sexual response, just work systematically, watch what makes her get hotter and what pleases her. One has to let go of the inhibitions and communicate with the partner. With discussions, trust and the willingness to please each other, one can fully enjoy the foreplay techniques and the act itself.

You must know your woman’s sexual response otherwise both of you will be miserable while making love unless she is fully aroused. The fallout of unsatisfactory sex life is drastic. Therefore, it is your responsibility to know your woman’s sexual responses and keep her satisfied for the two of you to have a healthy sex life. This is very important as it binds you both and improves intimacy.

There is an adage: There is no such thing as a frigid woman, there are only incompetent men.

Disclaimer: The article is his article is not to provide sexual advice. Always seek professional help.

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What you need to know about Transient Ischaemic Attack

Winter is here. Therefore, it is important to diagnose Transient Ischaemic Attacks. This can help to identify a patient who is at risk for subsequent stroke and prevent the same



Transient Ischaemic Attack
Source: @Oklahoma Heart Hospital

An episode of stroke in any family is devastating. The sad part is that it can result in premature death and lifelong disability. In India, the incidence rate of stroke is estimated to be 119-145 per lakh. This means that there are 1.44 to 1.64 million cases of strokes annually. Unfortunately, when we do not heed the warning signs of stroke, we end up becoming victims of this devastating episode.

One such sign is a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) or a mini-stroke. The risk of stroke in the first three months after a TIA is 2-17%. About 33% of those with a history of TIA have a major stroke within a year if not treated. Hence, it is important to raise awareness about TIA so we can alert ourselves regarding the subsequent stroke.

TIA cause

When the blood flow to the brain cuts off for a short while (less than 5 minutes) it causes transient neurological symptoms. This is similar to observed in stroke but is rapidly reversible. This is known as TIA. TIA is also referred to as mini-stroke because it is like a miniature version of a full-blown stroke. It causes less damage but it sure needs emergency care without delay.

The difference

When an artery that is supplying blood to the brain gets blocked due to a blood clot, it causes oxygen starvation resulting in TIA. In a TIA, such a temporary clog is generally pushed along and is broken down. The normal flow of blood to the brain returns quickly.

Symptoms of a TIA usually subside within an hour (typically less than 15 minutes) but may last up to 24 hours in some cases. In an ischemic stroke, the brain goes oxygen-deprived for a longer period. This causes more damage and brings long-lasting effects that can be fatal and cause permanent disability or death.


Apart from the risks that are not under our control like age and family history, generally, women have a higher risk of stroke/TIA than men. Obesity, carotid artery disease, high BP, high cholesterol, Diabetes, and preexisting heart conditions are also found to increase the odds of stroke/TIA. Excess smoking, alcohol consumption, eating foods high in cholesterol, and using drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine and heroin can increase the risk.


We must attempt to remember the term FAST — Face, Arms, Speech, Time. These are seen if a person is having a TIA. These include:

The facial droop may be observed where the eyes or mouth may droop to one side. One may also experience trouble smiling.

Problems related to speech such as slurred, garbled, or difficult to understand. Also, one may find it difficult to gather the right words.

Weakness or numbness of limbs may be experienced.

There might be trouble lifting or holding up the arms.

One may also notice balance and coordination related troubles, blindness or transient blurring of vision, inability to move one side of the body, dizziness, confusion, and difficulties in understanding others.

Changes to make

After knowing about TIA, it is important to make efforts to have a better lifestyle and adopt preventive measures to reduce the risk of experiencing a TIA/stroke. These include:

  • Quitting smoking and avoiding exposure to second-hand smoke from tobacco.
  • Eating a healthy and nutritious diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Having a check on the excessive intake of salt and fats
  • Exercising regularly
  • Keeping away from recreational drugs.
  • Maintaining ideal body weight.

Following the advice of the specialist and or timely treatment plan for heart disease, Diabetes and other health conditions can go a long way in managing TIA. A person can live a healthy life for a long time.


Diagnosis is generally established through a full body physical examination. Neurological tests and various imaging techniques (MRI, Angiography), medications like blood-thinners, anti-cholesterol medications with or without the use of minimally invasive procedures (carotid angioplasty/stenting) and surgical procedures (Carotid endarterectomy) may be advised depending upon the severity of TIA.

When the symptoms of a TIA strike one should get medical help immediately. It must be remembered that there is a lot of uncertainty about whether the blood flow will restore on its own or not. It is impossible to predict if one is having a TIA or stroke because the symptoms are more or less the same. Given the present pandemic, it can lead to blood clots in the vessels supplying the brain. This can subsequently progress to TIA and stroke.

Disclaimer: The article is meant only to create awareness among the people. For any treatment one must always consult a qualified and certified health professional.

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Top 5 online learning tools for your children

Today, parents re looking for overall development of their child. Let’s look at some of the tools that can help sharpen the child’s mind



Learning Tools
Source: @Pew Research Center

Technology has really changed the way we learn today. From a face-to-face tutor to a tutor online to offline classes to online, technology is playing a big role in the education sector. It is providing them with various opportunities.

Not only this, the benefits of e-learning are tremendous. For this reason alone, there has been an exponential boost in the use of online learning platforms.

Learning becomes interesting if the learner enjoys the process. There are many learning tools that make this process effective. E-learning platforms enhance children’s education. It helps them to engage with edutainment videos, fun-packed kits, innovative teaching, and several practical co-curricular activities.

These online courses have an attractive design, suitable graphics, animations, clear instructions and easy language that makes learning fun. The companies provide flexibility to the kids. They can learn at their own pace. Kids are rewarded once they compete in quizzes or chapters. This motivates them to study without outside pressure.

Let’s look at a few such companies.

Class Monitor

It is an Indore-based ed-tech start-up. It caters to today’s needs and provides world-class, comfortable home-based learning. This is an interactive way for early learners in India (0-8). Early childhood development is vital for developing socio-emotional skills. The firm offers fun-packed kits that let you play, teach and bond with your children.

The start-up provides effectively-researched early childhood education programmes blended with traditional and modern learning techniques. It focuses on developing your child fundamentally. It focuses on five core areas: Linguistic skills, logical thinking, sensory and motor skills, cognitive skills, and creativity. The firm’s hybrid early childhood programmes connect real-life learning experiences and hands-on activities with an app designed to help strengthen your children’s learning.


It’s considered to be a market leader in early childhood education. It transforms homes and classrooms into interesting collaborative activity spaces. The company has innovated the early education industry. It follows the e-commerce subscription model. All learning products and tools are intensively researched. The research center works with parents and early childhood teachers to create an ecosystem conducive to realising each child’s true potential.


It is one of the first early learning apps in India. It uses proprietary stories and song-based lessons to appeal to the youngest students. This interactive app aims to change the minds of young people by creating contextual and multilingual content.

This makes it easy for parents and children to identify with. With over 1 lakh-plus user and over 130 kindergarten subscribers, the firm is entering tier I, II, and III with its regional language content.

Kangaroo Kids

It is an online preschool that balances learning and development suitable for children 2 to 6 years old. Its programme aims to help young children develop critical skills in literacy, emotional intelligence, and social and physical development. The goal is to provide children with a safe and well-structured learning environment. This allows them to develop in a fun and exciting way.

They can explore their curiosity and learn at their own pace. Its unique curriculum helps children learn in a friendly environment while giving parents peace of mind.

Ocky Pocky

It is one of the first interactive English learning apps for preschool children. It has been created by Whizkids in India. It uses Artificial Intelligence/natural learning processes to help children meet their English learning needs. It provides feedback and allows children to build an early vocabulary base through voice, video, and vernacular. It is primarily for non-English speaking families.

Remember, a child learns the most in his first five years of age. In the first five years, experiences and relationships stimulate children’s development, creating millions of connections in their brains. A child’s brain develops connections faster in the first five years than at any other time.

It is therefore important to give the child the best that there is so that he has an all-around development. It will help him get the edge that this competitive world needs today.

Disclaimer: There are several other such platforms in the market today. The attempt here is to introduce a few of them and not to be considered as gospel truth.  Parents can choose whatever is best for their children.


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Job Portal

Looking to get recruited? Here are 5 newage technologies for recruitment

There are a few companies that are using newer technological advancements that can be used to solve hiring issues.




The present pandemic has made it tough for everybody looking for a job or for a fresher to get hired. It is just as tough for recruiters looking for the right man for the right job. But there are a few companies that are using newer technological advancements that can be used to solve hiring issues.

It is not just the people who are looking for jobs that find it tough to match their skills with the job. Even recruiters are constantly looking for skilled people to match the job description. Therefore, sourcing and acquiring top talent has always been essential and involves a lot of time and cost for the companies.

However, now, newer technological advancements have made it possible for recruiters in making better hiring decisions and thereby breaking the chain of traditional methods of recruiting. These technological innovations are helping recruiters to plan their hiring processes better and provide the best-fit candidates for the required roles. Several start-ups are using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics to meet the needs of companies.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most disruptive technologies today. Its potential to evolve and enable innovations is now being leveraged by several industries across the globe, HR is no exception. Integration of AI is aimed at making life easier. This allows HRs to play an increasingly strategic role.

Here are 5 platforms that are leveraging technology to simplify the HR processes.


This is a SaaS-based HRTech and EdTech platform. The idea is to democratise job opportunities and empower college placement cells in Tier II and III cities in India. It is a technologically advanced two-way marketplace. It trains students and gives universities access to companies and startups. It connects corporates to over 18,000 placements cells across colleges and private institutes.

Today, there are several challenges. There is also a huge skill gap in students. The challenges faced by talent acquisition and campus recruiters make it tough to hire the right people. GetWork founders managed to recognise the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build this company as a solution and scale it up through college placement cells.


It was started in 2016. In the last five-six years, it has managed to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) networking platform. It brings together organisations and those seeking new career opportunities on one platform. The Delhi-based firm aims at building transparency and efficiency.

The entire process involves hiring the right candidate. Once the user identifies the companies they are interested in, the firm starts introducing them to peers in those organisations so that they can look out for an opportunity.

iXceed Solutions

This is a talent and workforce solutions services company. It is a service provider to Fortune 500 companies. It primarily focuses on these domains globally: Technology, IT consulting and Engineering Consulting.

The company uses Artificial Intelligence-based recruitment solutions. It creates an in-class experience for both clients and candidates. Its list of clients is impressive and hence those looking for a change in their job or freshers looking to get recruited should at least come here to check out the options. Some of their clients are: Infosys, HCL, Oracle, Mindtree and NIIT.


This was established in 2018. It is an online recruitment platform based on SAAS in the B2B space. It provides an online recruitment marketplace for recruitment agencies and independent recruiters to speed up the hiring process 10 times.

The platform connects specialised recruiters. They have the best track records for matching jobs. Multiple agencies working on a single job with a single point of contact makes hiring fast and efficient. This enables employers to hire accurately. It also saves them cost and time.

The firm helps in finding companies with the best candidates in the shortest time without any hassle of phone calls, emails, invoices, and agreements from multiple vendors.


This is another Delhi-based HR-tech start-up. It is an advanced hiring platform that uses Artificial Intelligence. This means that recruiters can hire top talent effortlessly. Getting the talent and the employer on the same page has never been an easy task.

This is so true in the present scenario of innovation and competition. With revamped technology, it is easy to find a suitable job or suitable candidate. Finding jobs or source talents has become much easier with the help of this firm.

There are several other companies that are in the business of hiring and recruitment. The idea here is to just give a sneak peek into a few of them and not to be considered as a rule of thumb.

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Top 5 online learning tools for your children

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